UPVC Profile roof tile production line

UPVC Profile roof tile production line - Image 1

VC roof tile production line belongs to the big profile machine in the PVC profile production. PVC profiles include PVC window profiles, PVC panels, PVC ceilings, PVC doors, PVC roofs, etc.  The roof tile production line from YILI Machinery is specially designed for PVC roofs, which produces the PVC roof by co-extrusion with two formulas for the roof, the surface of the roof is ASA UV protection material, while the main body of roof is mainly hard PVC material. And the profile is hollow designed, which have the function to reduce noise, reject the heat during summer and preserve the heat in winter. All the connections of such roof do no use any screw or bolts on roof surface, which avoid any damage and leakage of the roof, which traditional roof tiles have such short comings. And the roof can be designed for solar system installation, it can combined perfectly with solar panel without any additional frame.

Tech Features & Advantages


  • Main extruder has advantages of wide adjustment range, high precision, convenient operation and so on.

  • The haul-off is specially designed by our company with fast and smooth movement for big profile

  • The vacuum calibration tank adopts special cooling system to ensure the sizing effect.

  • The moving speed of the cutter and haul-off are synchronous and the speed is controlled by PLC computer.

  • According to different molds, calibration tank of 4m, 6m, 8m and 11m can be chosen.

  • PRICE: 40.000 - 55.000 EUR