PVC Compounding Machine

PVC Compounding Machine - Image 1

The PVC compounding machine is a variant of extrusion machinery which is used for mixing one or more polymers with additives to extrude plastic compounds with better productive quality and result.  It can be fed with pellets, powder or liquid to produce pellets. The final products will be used in many fields of plastic forming process, such as, extrusion and injection molding. As experienced PVC compounding machine manufacturer, we offer machines with varying range, capacity and model sizes.

Technical Specification

Model Extruder Type Installation Power Capacity(kg/hr) Cutting Size(mm)
SJZ45 SJZ45/92 75 120 3
SJZ65 SJZ65/132 90 280 3
SJZ80 SJZ80/156 100 350 3


PRICE: 85.000 - 100.000 EUR